Monday, May 6, 2019

Cozy Mystery Deal --

The pastor did what?!?! And who killed him?

After retiring from being a famous investigative reporter, Mary took a leap of faith and followed her dreams of opening a sweets shop in the small town of Brooks, Georgia. What she didn’t plan on was bringing Tripp, her less than thrilled fourteen-year-old grandson with her. 

Soon after their arrival, things start happening fast. First, Tripp gets attacked by a cat named Sweet Feet. Then the town reveals some of it’s deep, dark secrets, and, to Mary’s surprise, Preston, a local police officer, asks her out on a date. 

But, halfway through their date, they get interrupted…by a murder. And it wasn’t just any murder…it was the beloved local pastor. 

Turns out Mary and Preston make quite the detective duo. Even Tripp gets in on the detective work. But now he’s in danger

Who would want revenge on the local pastor? And will Mary be able to get to Tripp before he becomes the next victim? 

And how does Mary get that rainbow cake to taste so darn good?

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