Thursday, August 9, 2018

Interview with Cozy Mystery Author Lotta Smith

Tell us a little about the Paranormal in Manhattan series.

It's a romcom supernatural mystery featuring Mandy, a medical school dropout, and a super-sexy FBI agent Rick--who happens to be the one responsible for Mandy's failure at school. Together, they work on paranormal cases, mostly by interviewing dead people. It's Bridget Jones meets X-files, but one of my readers said it's X-files written for Family Guy.

If you could live the life of one of your characters, would you?

Yes. :)

Which character and why?

Mandy, hopefully. I always wanted to be someone chasing the bad guys. And, she can talk to the ghosts.

What's your favorite character that you have created and why?

Jackie, the ghost of a drag queen is my favorite. Being a ghost is very rare, but she's also a really colorful drag queen.

Do you have any real-life stories that you have incorporated into one of your books?

Not really... well, who am I kidding? Mandy's clumsiness often reflects my own mishaps.

If you had to choose a different career other than writing, what would it be?

Actually, I'd never imagined having a career in writing. I went to med-school to pursue a stable career, but I got sick every time I visited the wards (mostly due to the smells, and the endless beeps of the monitors and machines, and I felt claustrophobic in the wards... like I was trapped in a prison. Not that I've been ever locked up in prison.) So I tried to pursue an office worker career, but it lasted only briefly. And, I tried to get a new job but things didn't go well.
One night before going to bed, I prayed "Please let me know the name, web address, and the phone number of the company which would hire me. If I'm not destined to work, please give me some other solution. In this world, a human needs money to get by. I'd really appreciate it if you'd let me know the winning number combination of a lotto???" And on that night, someone told me in my dream, "Write books. This time, things will brighten up." So I'm writing. :)

What is your favorite book that you have ever written and why?

Wicked for Hire. It's the beginning of the series, with Mandy, Rick and Jackie popping up from nothing.

What do you like to do with your time when you're not writing?

Planning for a dream vacation. Except, I often get satisfied with just planning, and I rarely go to the trip.

What's a fun fact that your readers might not know about you?

I've never been to Manhattan...

What do you have in store for your readers next?

I'm currently writing the latest Paranormal in Manhattan Halloween story. Also, I think it'll be funny if I could write a new series featuring a runaway princess.

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