Friday, December 21, 2018

Cozy Mystery Ebook Deal -- Murder in the Manse by Penelope Sotheby

Murder in the Manse by Penelope Sotheby

A murdered minister in his manse. Murdered because of a secret. A secret that he told to only one other person. Has Diane Dimbleby taken on too much this time?
When the local church minister is found dead, the clues lead the police towards a discrepancy in the church records. A discrepancy involving the name of a young child! How could this lead to murder? The police are baffled.
So too is Diane, who is eager to find out who murdered her friend. She will need to put all her detective skills to good use to unravel the truth, but when it appears that even those close to her may be lying, the truth is not so easily revealed. 

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