Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Cozy Mystery Ebook Deal for Wednesday

Dead Wood by Karen Chester

Jennifer Frost is delivering pamphlets for her B&B when she stumbles into a rally against a proposed new hotel. The town councillor pushing for it is someone she knew from high school—Estelle Pickering isn’t afraid of a fight, and when the demonstration turns ugly, she insists the protesters be charged. Jennifer, wanting to help her friends, pleads their case to Estelle, but the councillor is determined to silence all opposition.

But then Estelle dies—in the very nature reserve where the hotel was to be built. It seems the woman wasn’t short of enemies. She’d gone through a bitter divorce, had received poison pen letters, and someone was stalking her in the days before her death.

When suspicion falls on Jennifer’s friend, she’s convinced the police have the wrong man. To clear his name, she must investigate Estelle’s death. And soon finds plenty of suspects. Can she right a wrong before it’s too late? Will the nature reserve be saved? And what’s the connection between a guest at her bed-and-breakfast and the murder victim?

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