Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Cozy Mystery Ebook Deal -- A Shot of Bitterness

Margaret is living the dream running her sweet shop alongside her son, Zach and her good friend, Patti – not to mention having a budding friendship with David. With new construction work going on around one of the vacant units is hurting the business – and other tenants are beginning to feel the tension. Usually, everyone treats each other with a degree (of sorts) with respect, but it seems that everyone wants to be rid of the new coffee shop chain that has opened.
It has damaged business for the tea shop, the bakery, and the small mobile coffee stop. To make matters worse, Scott Freeman, the owner is an arrogant sod who has managed to insult various customers in the short time he has opened the shop. When Margaret decides to get a coffee one morning – she finds his dead body on the floor.
David is assigned to investigate the suspicious death – warning Margaret to keep her distance after the injuries she'd sustained from in the last case. Tensions rise in both her personal and business life and Margaret finds herself struggling to get this mystery out of her head.
With a pinch of homemade sweetness (with or without the apron) Margaret intends to become close to Scott’s widow to get to the bottom of this bitter cup of coffee.
Can a sweet tooth handle a shot of bitterness?

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