Saturday, May 11, 2019

Cozy Mystery Deal -- Empty Promises and Crowded Caskets

Empty promises can turn deadly.

Libby Foster was back home to find some direction in her life. What she hadn't counted on was being throw into a murder investigation because an unwanted ghost was where he shouldn't have been... and an extra body was where it shouldn't have been. 

Can Libby get her past straightened out so she has a future, or does the murderer have something else in mind?

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Cozy Mystery Ebook Deal -- Cookies with a Side of Danger

A missing woman. A mysterious stranger. A case with no leads. A terrible blast from the past. And cookies. Lots of cookies.

Some cases hit close to the bone. 

For amateur sleuth, Sabrina Carlson, this is one of them. 

In Sabrina's mind, missing-person's investigations are always the hardest. 

Mostly because they remind her of losing her sister years before.

If fighting off flashbacks of her sister's death isn't bad enough, this current case is one of the most difficult of Sabrina's career. 

After all, Claire Blakely didn't just disappear without a trace. 

She also didn't have any enemies. 

In addition, as far as Sabrina can tell, there are no leads to work with. 

As the days go by, Sabrina begins to worry if she'll ever be able to find Claire. 

Will Sabrina find a way to solve this case? 

Monday, May 6, 2019

Cozy Mystery Deal --

The pastor did what?!?! And who killed him?

After retiring from being a famous investigative reporter, Mary took a leap of faith and followed her dreams of opening a sweets shop in the small town of Brooks, Georgia. What she didn’t plan on was bringing Tripp, her less than thrilled fourteen-year-old grandson with her. 

Soon after their arrival, things start happening fast. First, Tripp gets attacked by a cat named Sweet Feet. Then the town reveals some of it’s deep, dark secrets, and, to Mary’s surprise, Preston, a local police officer, asks her out on a date. 

But, halfway through their date, they get interrupted…by a murder. And it wasn’t just any murder…it was the beloved local pastor. 

Turns out Mary and Preston make quite the detective duo. Even Tripp gets in on the detective work. But now he’s in danger

Who would want revenge on the local pastor? And will Mary be able to get to Tripp before he becomes the next victim? 

And how does Mary get that rainbow cake to taste so darn good?

Friday, April 26, 2019

Cozy Mystery Deal -- Once Upon A Crime

If Sandy can't solve her rival's murder, it's more than her buns on the line…

Sandy Shaw enjoys her reign as the sole baker and bookseller in the sleepy village of Waterfell Tweed. But when Reginald, the local eccentric, announces plans to open a competing shop across the square, she fails to hide her frustration. As she formulates her plan of attack, Reginald goes from being the town weirdo to serving as the town corpse…
Thrust into the middle of a murder investigation as the prime suspect, Sandy must go from selling buns to solving crimes in a hurry. With no one to save her biscuits but herself, she puts down her rolling pin and gets to work. If she fails to find the murderer in time, she'll be serving a whole lot more than tea and jam. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Cozy Mystery Ebook Deal -- Sabrina Carlson Cozy Mystery Anthology

Twist. Turns. And treats. 

This anthology features five cozy mysteries that are designed to delight readers. 

The stories in this anthology include:
* Chocolate Cupcakes with a Side of Murder
* Apple Crumble with a Side of Murder
* Chocolate Brownies with a Side of Murder
* Candy Canes with a Side of Murder
* Ice Cream with a Side of Murder

Amateur sleuth, Sabrina Carlson, just wants to enjoy a quiet life in her coastal hometown of Treasure Cove. 

But her dreams of dipping her toes in the sand at the beach aren't likely to come true anytime soon. 

Not when a killer is at-large. 

Instead of relaxing, Sabrina races around town with her detective husband, desperate to catch the murderer before they strike again.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Cozy Mystery Ebook Deal -- Peril in Paxton Park by J.A. Whiting

Peril in Paxton Park by J.A. Whiting

After surviving a terrible car crash in Boston, twenty-eight-year old Shelly Taylor accepts a part-time job as a baker at a mountain resort in western Massachusetts. While on a hike one morning, she and a new friend make a terrible discovery that pulls them into peril and death. Will Shelly's new ability help the police solve the crimes or will another murder be committed in Paxton Park?
This story has some mild paranormal elements.

Buy this cozy mystery book right now!

Friday, April 19, 2019

Cozy Mystery Deal -- Sweet Taffy Bundle

Three books in one sweet bundle: 
Sweet Taffy and Murder, Book #1
Sweet Taffy and the Marshmallow Murder, Book #2
Sweet Taffy and the Millionaire's Murder, Book #3

Sweet Taffy and Murder, Book #1

Spoiled, rich party girl Taffy Belair is in trouble. Again. This time her grandmother is banishing her to a small coastal town in Oregon to clean up her act.

Cut off from familiar luxuries and expected to work and take care of a house and herself, Taffy could care less about fitting into the quirky town of Abandon. 

Without her posse of girls or even good coffee, let alone a party scene, she starts stirring up new trouble. Hunky handyman Ethan is a good start. But when she stumbles over a possible murder, Taffy transforms from party girl to amateur detective. 

Now she’s getting into more trouble than she ever did back in New York. She’s unearthing secrets and upsetting the locals. Is this quaint seaside enclave really the “Sweetest Town on the Coast,” or is it rotten to the core?

With the help of new friends, Taffy must risk her life to expose a conspiracy and capture a killer before the town’s body count increases by a factor of one stylish blonde (in need of a manicure).